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Note: Due to concerns surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, events may be canceled, postponed, or changed to virtual-only formats. We will work to keep this page updated, but please make sure to check individual event websites for the latest changes.


Pathways to Philanthropy: Funding Local Journalism

Check out this recording of Current’s latest “Local that Works” webinar. Speakers include Frank Mungeam, chief innovation officer of the Local Media Association, and Larry Lee, CEO of the Sacramento Observer.

Content Analysis in the Newsroom

This webinar was hosted by Reframe, an initiative of Resolve Philly that aims to help journalists more fairly and accurately report on misrepresented and underrepresented communities. Reframe editor Aubrey Nagle and Erik Slavin, of Stars and Stripes, discuss how content analysis and the lessons learned about framing, thematic coverage, and context can be applied in any newsroom.

A Better Kind of Business Journalism

View recordings from this webinar series from Quartz. The series covers “the fundamentals of business journalism, how the industry is changing, and the ways it could become more accessible to both journalists and readers.” The latest episode discussed how to avoid stereotyping when reporting on foreign countries or different communities or societies.

How Any Journalist Can Earn Trust

This is a tuition-free, self-directed course from Poynter. Participants will “learn what news audiences don’t understand about how journalism works and look for opportunities to demonstrate credibility by explaining news processes, coverage goals and journalism ethics.”

Reuters Training Course: Introduction to Digital Journalism

New and experienced journalists are encouraged to take this course that covers reporting best practices. The four modules include Digital Newsgathering, Verification and Reporting, Publishing Effectively on Social Media, and Wellness and Resilience. Once you complete the program, sponsored by the Facebook Journalism Project, you’ll receive a certificate.

Tips for podcasting during a pandemic

Check out this webinar from the recent Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum. Corrine Podger, director of The Digital Skills Agency, breaks down the most important elements of creating a professional podcast. Topics cover how to choose your “thumb-stopping idea,” prep and research, hardware options, and of course, recording.

Visual Search and Verification

The Global Investigative Journalists Network (GIJN) hosted this webinar in December with globally-renowned data journalist, open-source reporting expert, and trainer Henk van Ess. The digital event covers several topics: Learn about the latest tools for doing research with images and video, facial recognition, and how to search using colors; and get tips on how to translate “visual” thinking into words, which helps to locate information hidden by Google’s search algorithm.

Strategies for Safely Covering Civil Unrest

This webinar features Jeff Belzil, the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Director of Security, and Corinne Chin, staff journalist at the Seattle Times. In the session, they prepare journalists to cover civil unrest in the U.S. and discuss how to best report safely with police and political extremist presences.

Language, Math and News Literacy Certificate

This online course from Poynter is ideal for students looking to prove their proficiency in the fundamentals of language, math, fact-checking, and news literacy. The three-part course takes about 10-12 hours to complete and covers topics like common writing mistakes, sentence structure, writing about polling data, basic fact-checking, and more.

Mental Health and Journalism Toolkit

April is Stress Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to check out these resources from the International Journalists’ Network. It’s a mix of reports and podcasts that cover a range of topics, including PTSD and digital wellness.

How to Better Market Investigative Stories

This is a recording of a recent webinar from the Global Investigative Journalism Network. “Powerful, in-depth journalism has maximum impact when it’s smartly distributed and reaches a broad audience. That’s why it’s fundamental that journalism organizations learn how to build, engage, and maximize audiences.” During the webinar, the expert panel focuses on practical ways to ensure basic strategies and tools are in place to maximize engagement.

Informing the public on the promise and perils of algorithms

The Society of Professional Journalists hosted this webinar in mid-March. During the event, the panel discussed the growing issue of government use of algorithms to make major decisions. These range from education funding to deciding who gets a COVID-19 vaccine first. Panelists look at how algorithms are constructed, the bias baked into them, and how reporters can educate the public about them.

Using Facebook Ad Library

This hour-long webinar from First Draft is hosted by Maddy Webb and Laura Garcia. It teaches reporters “the fundamentals of searching and understanding the Facebook Ad Library. We will help you understand what information you have access to, how to interpret it, and how it can be used to enrich reporting.”

How to Spot Misinformation Online

This is a free course from MediaWise for Seniors. The course will provide examples of political, health, travel, and climate misinformation and teach viewers techniques for identifying false information and seeking out trustworthy sources. The course is designed for people 50 years and older, but these skills can be critical for anyone who consumes news online.

Various Dates

Pinners Conference & Expo

A full slate of these events for DIYers, crafters, photographers, and other creatives is available for 2022. The Pinners Conference schedule will kick off in February in Overland Park, Kansas, and make its way around the country, ending in Scottsdale, Arizona, in November. Check out the full schedule to see which city and date works for you.

January 2022

Multiple Dates: Freelancing with Tim

Tim Herrera has packed January with unique webinars for freelancers. They include:

Jan 5-8: CES

The “most influential tech event in the world” will return to Las Vegas for an in-person event in 2022. The lineup includes speakers from GM, Abbott, Instacart, T-Mobile, HBO, and more. Topics will run the tech gamut, from crypto and self-driving cars to gaming, space technology, and beyond. Due to the spread of the omicron variant, several companies have announced that they will not be attending in-person, but many more are still expected to attend.

Jan. 11: Solutions Journalism 101

This webinar, hosted by the Solutions Journalism Network, will “explore the ins and outs of solutions journalism, talk about why it’s important, explain key steps in reporting a solutions story, and share tips and resources for journalists interested in investigating how people are responding to social problems.” After that, make sure to check out other useful SJN courses covering topics like reporting on education, the economy, and health care.

Jan. 12: A Conversation on AI and Media

This webinar, sponsored by E&P, will teach media pros how artificial intelligence can improve business, help create new revenue streams, boost site traffic, and more. The free event will cover topics like AI-enabled job boards, automated AI-generated insights, and AI for podcasts.

Jan. 18: New Year, New Clients

This hour-long webinar from The Writers’ Co-op will discuss ways for freelancers to find new clients in new niches, with larger budgets, and more. Tim Herrera, founder of Freelancing with Tim, will be the guest host.

Jan. 21-23: Novel Writing Virtual Conference

Tune into this virtual event from Writer’s Digest to hear insights from six award-winning and best-selling authors on the finer points of how to write a novel. At the end, if you feel ready to pitch your novel, a bonus webinar will offer help for crafting a query letter for agents – and you’ll get feedback from an agent! Session topics will cover character development, how to write a series, the editing process, the best writing apps, and more.

Jan. 26-27: IMM North America

Travmedia’s International Media Marketplace (IMM) connects the travel industry with top journalists, editors, influencers, and broadcasters. The two-day networking event allows travel media to connect with exhibitors in one-on-one appointments to share insights, discuss trends, and hear story ideas. The event will take place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

February 2022

Feb. 1: How to write better personal essays

This online workshop will be hosted by Tim Herrera, creator of the Freelancing with Tim events and newsletter.

Feb. 2-4: The Southern C Summit

The event that’s all about #ConnectCollaborateCreate will offer both in-person (Sea Island, Georgia) and virtual options in 2022. The summit is “tailored to offer a community of passionate entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners an opportunity to connect and collaborate amongst top names in media, business, and branding online and in person.”

Feb. 4-5: Pinners Conference (Kansas)

Head to Overland Park, Kansas, for “the most creative show in America.” General admission to this conference for DIY-lovers starts at $10 and VIP tickets include access to an influencer party and some impressive swag. Mindfulness, party planning, cookie decorating, and soapmaking are just a few of the sessions that will be offered.

Feb. 7-9: Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit West is “a place where advertisers and publishers of all sizes and types come together, to share knowledge and build partnerships so that together they can grow their businesses online.” Head to Las Vegas to check out sessions under the agenda tracks: Content & Commerce, Advertisers, and Innovation & Tech.

Feb. 9: Reporting human trafficking responsibly

Journalismfund.eu is hosting this webinar, which will discuss ethical guidelines for journalists when reporting on victims and survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and labor abuse. The training aims to help journalists build rapport with victims and survivors of human trafficking while being careful with their stories.

Feb. 14-March 13: Building Live Journalism in Your Newsroom

This is a free Massive Open Online Course offered by the Knight Center for Journalism. It will be taught by Kim Last, editor of Live Journalism and Special Content at The Wall Street Journal. Students will learn how to implement live journalism in their newsrooms by embracing virtual event formats, converting event content into coverage, and hosting key sessions. There are no scheduled events, which means you can work through the four weekly modules at your own pace before taking the weekly quizzes.

Feb. 16: How to help protect journalists from online abuse

This discussion will be hosted by The Kalish, a non-profit organization focused on advancing press photography. The panel will feature speakers from The Seattle Times and the International Women’s Media Foundation. Protecting journalists online is a big responsibility, “but with knowledge and tools to guide us, we can increase digital safety in the workplace for everyone.”

Feb. 24-26: WORKBENCHcon

Returning in 2022, WORKBENCHcon will welcome DIYers, makers, and bloggers for several days of networking and workshops. Sessions will cover topics like epoxy, furniture flipping, and engraving. It will be held in Atlanta.

Feb. 24-27: IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

This event is ideal for fitness bloggers and vloggers. They can connect, in person, with other personal trainers, entrepreneurs and business owners and learn new strategies to create change and get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Topics cover training techniques, nutrition, training science, and professional development.

March 2022

March 3: Social Media Newsgathering

Haley Willis, a Visual Investigations reporter for The New York Times, will lead this training to help other journalists find, verify and confirm breaking news online. The session will discuss how to use social media to follow breaking news, crowdsource information, use it as a tool for visual investigations and more. The training is hosted by the Center for Community Media at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

March 3-4: Tastemaker Conference

This popular food blogger event will take place in Chicago. Attendees will be treated to meals (of course), swag bags, workshops, panels, and food excursions around the amazing Chicago food scene.

March 3-6: NICAR 2022

The 2022 data journalism conference will take place in Atlanta and virtually. Lightning Talks — five-minute presentations on particular skills, tools or techniques — will be returning this year. Sessions will help attendees improve their skills in Google Sheets, Python, HTML, data analysis, JavaScript and more.

March 4-6: Women’s Travel Fest

The ninth annual Travel Fest will cover the return to normal travel, dream trip planning and more for women who love exploring. Optional excursions are available to the Oregon coast and Willamette Valley.

March 8-24: Building an Ethical Newsroom

This three-week, six-session course from Poynter will “help journalism leaders strengthen their ethical infrastructure so they can confidently navigate their newsroom’s natural pressure points.”

March 10-11: NPA Summit

The 2022 News Product Alliance (NPA) Summit schedule will include hands-on workshops, global discussions and social chats. The virtual summit will offer two tracks: Support and Practice. “How to make the paywall work for you and your newsroom,” “Building inclusive products in news,” and “A journey from newsroom to product” are just a few of the unique sessions that will be offered.

March 11-12: Pinners Conference & Expo (Atlanta)

DIY’ers, craft bloggers and other creatives will head to the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta for the latest Pinners Conference. Knitting, paper flowers, Canva designs, decluttering, and air-fryer tips are just a few of the many topics that will be covered in classes and workshops.

March 11-20: SXSW

SXSW will welcome attendees back to Austin, Texas, in 2022. Among 2022’s themes, “The Evolving Media Landscape” will examine media industry mergers, the metaverse, the fight against mis- and disinformation, and calls for increased scrutiny and regulation.

March 12-13: Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show

Travel writers can make their way to the LA Travel & Adventure Show to learn about trending destinations and travel tips, meet travel industry celebs and more. Hear from travel experts about where to go, when to go, what to do there and how to get there.

March 14-16: Social Media Marketing World

Head to San Diego to get actionable tips and strategy advice from some of the world’s top social media experts. Topics will include podcasting, live video and content strategy. Sessions will cover newsroom assessment, writing ethics policies, coaching ethics, audience expectations and more.

March 17-20: International Food Blogger Conference

Since it began in 2009, “the IFBC and food bloggers are not just going strong, they are firmly established as critical influencers of the food industry.” Join more than 100 food bloggers and writers in El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico, to eat, talk and learn about pitching best practices, food styling and food podcasting.

March 23-26: Podcast Movement Evolutions

Podcast Movement Evolutions will feature three tracks for podcasters: Creator (hobbyists or those just starting out), Professional (experienced and full-time podcasters) and Industry Professional (those working in the podcast/radio industries and ad buyers). Speakers from Vox, Audible, Spotify and more will fill out a packed schedule – plus there’s a keynote from Will Ferrell. Attendees can either head to Los Angeles for the in-person event or opt for the virtual experience.

March 31: ONA Career Day

The Online News Association will host this career day and provide access to recruiters for jobs, internships, graduate programs and fellowships. All levels of professionals – whether you’re in audience and engagement, product, digital or the business side of journalism – are welcome. The AP, Digiday, Hearst and the Wall Street Journal are among the recruiters.

April 2022

Multiple April Dates: Freelancing with Tim

After a brief hiatus, Tim Herrera is back with a slate of workshops and webinars in April. Some are free to attend and others start at a small fee ($5-$15). The events include:

  • April 10: Contracts, rates, platforms, and more: The business of freelancing
  • April 12: Workshop: The art of structuring a longform feature
  • April 19: Workshop: Everything to know about selling and writing a nonfiction book
  • April 24: An introduction to the basics of being a freelancer
  • April 26: Pitch perfect: Everything to know about pitching stories
  • May 3: Workshop: How to write better personal essays

April 6-10: Craftcation

This five-day conference has a motto of “Make ALL the Things.” In the past, the hands-on workshops have covered sewing, screenprinting, perfume making, stained glass, shoemaking, knitting, weaving, mixed media art, painting, embroidery, dyeing and more. Attendees will also be able to attend sessions geared toward building their craft business, including social media, marketing and creation.

April 6-10: International Journalism Festival

The International Journalism Festival will return to Perugia, Italy, in 2022. If you can’t attend in person, all sessions will be live-streamed and on-demand videos will be made available.

April 7: Immigration’s Impact on the U.S. Economic Recovery

Poynter’s free webinar will “explore the connection between the pandemic-era economy and the role of immigrant workers in your community.” The event will help attendees generate story ideas about immigration’s impact on the economy and work with sources for their reporting.

April 18-21: TBEX North America

The “Home of Travel Creatives” will take place in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state. Travel content creators will network with travel industry experts, boost their writing, multimedia, and marketing skills, and get to explore a beautiful location.

April 18-22: Get Clicked, Liked & Shared

This content writing masterclass will be taught by award-winning writing coach Ann Wylie. Content writers, freelance writers and social media marketers are encouraged to attend. The course will help you boost your skills in writing blog posts and social media posts that attract readers, keep them on the page and encourage more engagement.

April 22-23: Pinners Conference & Expo (Boise, Idaho)

DIYers and craft bloggers can head to the Idaho Fairgrounds for 100 creative classes. Garland making, glass etching, air fryer tips and vegan cooking are just a few of the topics that’ll be covered.

April 28-29: Online Media Seminar | XV World Forestry Congress

Ahead of the World Forestry Congress, which will take place in Seoul, South Korea, in May, members of the media are invited to attend this online event to “learn and connect with scientists, experts and renowned journalists for insights on forest solution pathways and the essential role of forests in the sustainability of planet Earth.” The seminar is free and will be available in English, French and Spanish.

April 29-May 1: TravelCon

One of several events for travel content creators in 2022, TravelCon will help attendees boost their skills in travel video, photography, writing and blogging. The conference offers three full days of actionable content from experts in and out of the travel industry. It will take place in Memphis, Tennessee, and also includes a virtual ticket option.

May 2022

May 3-6: North American Travel Journalists Association Conference

The 2022 NATJA Conference will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Travel journalists will meet and connect in San Juan and participate in tours and workshops to spark creativity. Attendees will get “an intimate look at how this remarkable island and its people have flourished amid the natural disasters that have struck the island in recent years.”

May 3-27: Becoming a More Effective Writer: Clarity and Organization

Merrill Perlman, an independent writing and editing consultant, will lead this four-week course for Poynter. Attendees will learn “the basics of good organization, a variety of organization strategies, tips for writing more clearly and tools for staying on track.” Register if you’d like to learn new techniques for simplifying your writing in order to keep readers moving forward.

May 4: World Press Freedom Day New York Observance 2022

UNESCO and the United Nations Department of Global Communications will host this event to mark 2022 World Press Freedom Day (May 3) and its theme, “Journalism Under Digital Siege.” António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, Valeria Robecco, President of the United Nations Correspondents Association, and Nikos Dendias, Co-chair of the Group of Friends for the Protection of Journalists, are just a few of the speakers that will be in attendance.

May 13-15: Women in Travel Summit

Travel writers, bloggers, and influencers will head to Kansas City, Missouri, for WITS North America. A Beginner Bootcamp add-on is available for those new to the field that are looking to boost their skills with an extra half-day of programming. Can’t make it to Kansas City? That’s OK, a live stream ticket option is also available.

May 16-20: Catch Your Readers | Persuasive-Writing Training Program

Attendees of this master class, hosted by Wylie Communications, will “learn the art of persuasive writing — how to get readers to pay attention to your message, understand it, remember it and act on it.” So if you’re trying to get readers to subscribe to your newsletter, read another article, or take another action, this could be the course for you!

May 19-20: News Publishing Business Summit

This event will be hosted by the 360 Media Alliance, Editor & Publisher and Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association, among others. The conference will focus on three main areas of interest to the publishing industry: audience growth, revenue growth and building community. Topics will cover revenue models, remote work, recruiting, print frequency and more. It will take place in St. Louis, Missouri.

May 19-20: 2022 Collaborative Journalism Summit

Head to Chicago for this year’s in-person Collaborative Journalism Summit. The fast-paced event is packed with workshops, lightning talks and discussions. Sessions about collaborative podcasts, multilingual collaborations, spreadsheet automation and digital safety are just a few of the options for attendees.

May 20: BlogHer Health

Health and wellness bloggers can head to sunny Los Angeles or opt for the virtual live stream for this event. The one-day event will include a range of sessions, from “sit-downs with wellness experts to advice on developing a holistic approach to your health, best practices for caring for your revenue streams to tips on building your wellness empire.”

May 24-25: Affiliate Summit East

Head to New York for Affiliate Summit East, which will welcome “3,000 of the best ecommerce entrepreneurs, affiliates, media buyers, networks and tech suppliers at the original performance marketing event that brings ambitious and innovative business leaders together.” More than 60 sessions will be offered to help you grow your online business. Topics will include social media, SEO, influencing and more.

June 2022

June 4-8: IPW 2022

Travel journalists will head to Orlando for this year’s in-person IPW, hosted by the U.S. Travel Association. The leading inbound travel trade show connects U.S. travel exhibitors with travel buyers and media to promote their products and negotiate future business. The Connect THRIVE Summit (focused on the LGBTQ+ travel market) and eTourism Summit will co-locate at IPW.

June 8-10: Social Shake-Up

For bloggers looking to better connect with audiences and grow brand awareness via social, check out the Social Shake-Up event. Attendees will learn “how and when to leverage emerging platforms, insights into how to approach the metaverse, ways to combat and prevent crises that emerge on social media” and more. The event will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.

June 20-24: Reach Readers Online

This four-part class will teach writers how to connect with readers online, especially on mobile devices. Page structure, headline writing and learning how not to bury the lede are among the topics that will be covered.

June 23-25: Craft + Commerce

After postponing the 2021 event, Craft + Commerce is planning a comeback for 2022 in Boise, Idaho. Online creators – bloggers, vloggers, photographers, freelancers and podcasters – will come together to share advice and learn how to make a living online. The conference is limited to 400 attendees, so register early.

June 23-26: IRE 2022

Register now for the in-person or virtual (June 23-25) conference from Investigative Reporters and Editors. The in-person event will take place in Denver, Colorado. Sessions will cover spreadsheet best practices, interview prep, diversity/inclusion, popular investigative reporting topics like energy and elections, cybersecurity, and much more.

June 30: The latest shifts in the climate solutions media landscape

This one-hour webinar will be hosted by the Solutions Journalism Network, The Uproot Project and The Solutions Project. It will cover key findings from the recently released Climate Solutions Narrative Trends (CSNT) report. Learn how the media is covering climate solutions, why it’s important, and discover resources for journalists and the barriers to climate journalism. Journalists, journalism students, and representatives from journalism schools and organizations are invited to attend.

July 2022

July 7-23: Summit for Reporters and Editors

Apply now for Poynter’s annual summit to help journalists thrive professionally and personally. Boost your skills in storytelling, interviewing, editing and more through one-on-one coaching and more than 20 hours of live instruction.

July 8-10: Click Away 2022

Click Away is a photography conference full of useful sessions and workshops for photographers and content creators. Attendees get to build their own conference schedule depending on which ticket option they choose. The event will take place in Chicago.

July 11-15: Master the Art of Storytelling

In this workshop from Wylie Communications, “you’ll learn step-by-step techniques for writing great stories in a business context.” Sessions will cover topics like how to write a strong lead, organize content for the biggest impact and write a high-quality conclusion.

July 21-23: Haven Conference

DIY and home decor bloggers will head to Atlanta for this year’s Haven Conference to “celebrate the DIY spirit, learn new skills and build an online business.” The large list of speakers will provide hands-on demos, present on social media strategy and more to help influencers and entrepreneurs thrive. Topics will cover everything from SEO to epoxy, taxes and leather crafting.

July 21-23: ChicagoAAN 2022

The Association of Alternative Newsmedia’s annual conference will take place in person in Chicago. Topics will cover editorial and design, diversity and inclusion, branded content, defamation trends, collaborative local media strategies and more.

July 26: Follow The Money: American Rescue Plan AMA

This AMA-style webinar will give journalists an opportunity to ask questions and discuss how the American Rescue Plan and other federal stimulus funds will be used in local communities. Data journalists and Poynter experts will be on hand to answer pre-submitted questions or ones submitted during the call.

August 2022

Aug. 8-Sept. 4: How to cover the climate crisis — and fight disinformation

This four-week, instructor-led course is organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and sponsored by the Google News Initiative. The course will teach you how to spot climate disinformation, identify climate-related stories, and write about climate change in ways that will reach your audience and potentially persuade them. The course is open to any journalist, podcaster or writer — including those who don’t specialize in climate reporting.

Aug. 16-18: LMA Fest

Head to downtown Chicago for the Local Media Association’s event focused on helping attendees grow their businesses. Topics will cover reader revenue, branded content, philanthropy funding for journalism, video advertising, newsletters and more.

Aug. 17-19: Design Influencers Conference

This unique conference is designed for interior design influencers, content creators and brands. Attendees will learn how to generate partnerships and boost their know-how in marketing, social media, e-commerce and more. The in-person event will take place in Atlanta.

Aug. 19: Newsletter Idea Swap

The Online News Association will host this participatory session to focus on newsletter best practices, KPIs, marketing and more. Come ready to chat with other journalism newsletter writers and editors and leave with new ideas and connections.

Aug. 21-23: Reporting on Water: A Training Workshop for Journalists

This two-day program will be hosted by The Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources, in partnership with the Uproot Project. It is targeted to journalists of color that are starting to write about the environment. You’ll learn about the challenges facing our freshwater resources, the do’s and don’ts in environmental journalism, and how to translate complicated science into readable, compelling articles for your audience.

Aug. 22: Power of Diverse Voices: Writing Workshop for Journalists of Color (*application deadline)

Apply now for this competitive seminar from Poynter, which will take place in November in St. Petersburg, Florida. The popular training “helps journalists of color find their voice and build skills for writing opinion pieces and personal essays.” The lineup of instructors includes a managing editor, TV critic, professor, columnist and more.

Aug. 23-26: Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement brings together thousands of podcasters and industry professionals from around the world to learn, grow, and evolve and improve the podcast community. It will feature workshops, sessions, networking events, parties, and an expo. The 2022 event will be held in Dallas, Texas.

Aug. 25-27: National Native Media Conference

After being postponed due to the pandemic, NAJA’s rescheduled annual conference will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, with some sessions to be held at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. The event will “feature Indigenous media professional development and address evolving COVID-19 coverage and best practices through training and workshops to support journalists covering Indigenous communities.”

Aug. 26-27: Pinners Conference (California)

This conference and expo for creatives and DIYers will take place in Pomona, California. The event was rescheduled due to COVID and has added a number of new workshops for attendees. Macrame, candle making, macarons 101 and an intro to photography are just a few of the unique classes to choose from.

September 2022

Sept. 2-4: Playlist Live

Playlist Live is the “perfect setting to get inspired, make new friends and learn about the future of digital video and social media.” With the Insight and Industry tracks, attendees will learn about the ins and outs of creating content and/or the business side of things. The 2022 event will again take place in Orlando, Florida.

Sept. 6: Level Up: Critical Skills for Local Reporters (*application deadline)

This interactive, virtual training from Poynter will take place throughout October and November. You’ll attend weekly master-class sessions and receive career skill advice and training. Learn skills to boost your reporting expertise and propel your career forward. Attendees will hone their skills in a variety of areas, including narrative writing, investigative reporting, audience growth and building a relationship with their editor.

Sept. 7-10: FinCon

FinCon is where “personal finance content creators and brands create better content, reach their audience, and make more money.” Money nerds in the blog, podcast, freelance and influencer spaces will head to Orlando, Florida, for several days of educational sessions and networking opportunities. TedTalk-style presentations will be available, in addition to nearly 70 breakout sessions for tracks like Money Conversations, Video, Social Media, Freelancing, Entrepreneurship and more. Plus, there will be optional field trips to the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios!

Sept. 21-24: ONA22

The Online News Association’s annual conference “brings together the latest innovation in audience engagement, news product development, forecasting trends and digital business strategy.” Digital journalists will be able to choose from unique sessions in a variety of tracks: audience development and metrics, emerging technology, innovative news storytelling, leadership and culture, and product and revenue strategies. The in-person event will take place in Los Angeles, but attendees can also choose to take part remotely.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Wine Media Conference

This year’s conference for wine writers and social media influencers will head to Europe and be held at Lake Garda in Lombardia in northern Italy. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will be smaller, so register early!

October 2022

October 6: News Impact Summit

The News Impact Summit, from the European Journalism Centre and the Google News Initiative, is back with an in-person event this year. Taking place in Prague, this year’s theme is The Future of Editorial. It will bring together “local and international media experts to celebrate editorial innovation in journalism and to reimagine the future of news together.” Topics will cover digital tools, story formats and the fight against misinformation.

November 2022


December 2022



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